What has motivated you to work on your sustainable, free-community-living series?


I have always been motivated by the belief that there is a way man is supposed to live in harmony with this planet, my short film series and research will simply always be my way of offering ideas and solutions for our currently socially, environmentally and economically unsustainable system. I believe man deserves better than the life he has been told is the reality and that we are in the perfect point in human history to adventure on new beginnings and true progress that benefits all.



When did you start living amidst alternative evidence-based lifestyle options and why?


Though it was a plan since I was 11, I stripped my life of most possessions and hit the road in a small bus almost 3 years ago as I wanted my life to be an amalgamation of spontaneous, far-reaching experiences, rather than just security, survival and routine. I wasn't going to be told how to live, who to work for or what I ’should’ be doing at certain ages to attain ’success’ and I wanted to search for a way of living that, in my opinion, allowed man to experience the most life has to offer. It was for these and many other reasons, such as not contributing to consumer culture and not being owned by my possessions that lead me to hit the road in search of alternative lifestyle choices, live a simpler life of beauty and adventure and travel between communities, woofing villages and farms to study the benefits of communal living. Since then, my life has made a turn for the best, the future is bright and I have ideas that have become my purpose.


What is the most difficult part living in community models?


Most communities sometimes have difficulty keeping a small amount of people motivated to contribute to a collective. This is due to the fact that communal living spaces that require equal contribution mimic the feel and pace of a holiday, allowing some community members to treat it like a holiday and not a way of life, only possible through contribution.



How did you overcome those difficulties?


People not wanting to work in communities is of course an issue similar to people not wanting to work in our current system, only this social issue will fix itself as equal-contribution communities grow in number and resources, and a lifestyle is established minus the stresses from our current lives that make people crave a holiday in communities.



What have you gained and lost during the two years travelling in your bus?


I have lost nothing and gained everything. Travel is and always has been be the best education life has to offer, I just feel lucky that I tapped into a way of living that I control and that has forced me to grow as a person at an accelerated rate.


There must be some interesting things that happened during your journey, could you share some of them with us?


My journey has been nonstop interesting things, from outdoor fire-heated bathtubs in the forest, to 500 strangers telling you they love you as a human being in

a giant circle…the road truly brings the best, however surprises most people find on the road definitely include meeting people who surpass friendship and instantly become your brothers and sisters and once again the amount of growth you undertake when facing life’s real challenges head on, like trusting your instinct, following the right leads and coming full circle in areas of growth.



What concepts or ideas supported you to continue your journey?


That’s a big question. I sourced a lot of inspiration from old philosophy, psychology and anthropological texts as a child, and I definitely took a lot of lessons learnt in those early years with me when I travelled, however I have always found the amount of similar work being done globally towards a more sustainable future have made my ideas seem less revolutionary and far-fetched which has been a great comfort to me. I have also found that anytime I have been low on hope, the right inspiration has found me and kept me pushing towards what I believe is a worthy pursuit of a life and a path to walk towards what is right.



Were there any challenges you have faced?


Of course, life is sometimes nothing but a chunk of challenges. Nothing that took me under though.


Where did your satisfaction come from?


What kept me happy? Well other than the feeling of doing good, living life to the full, meeting beautiful people, visiting paradises, giving hope to others and doing what I love... life was pretty fruitless haha.



What is your plan for the future?


Well at this point, the release of my ideas are paramount in my plans, but other than that I’ve learnt not to plan too far ahead. I have ideas and goals of course, but planning concrete paths in life... That’s a foolish pursuit.


Would you continue documenting and sharing your ideas to the public in ten years’ time?


Absolutely. This is what I want to do with my life and I do truly believe that some of my ideas concerning a conserver society built for the people hold water and have the potential to greatly shape man’s future towards true progress.



If you could, what will you tell your future self in ten years?


That I still regret nothing, that I have not wasted my passion and that I’m still fighting the good fight.

Text/ Jojo Wong
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